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Utah Car Rental TollPass Service Options


The Express Lane on I-15 in Utah requires the use of a transponder and does not accept cash.

What are my options for using the I-15 Express HOV Lane in Utah if I’m the vehicle’s sole occupant?

  • Rent a Transponder (available at select locations)
    You may rent a transponder from us at the rate of $3.95 per rental day, not to exceed $19.75 per rental period, plus the amount of each toll and any other charges by Express Lane or our service administrator (see Additional Terms and Conditions below).The transponder rental fee will appear on your Rental Agreement.
  • Use your Personal Express Lane Transponder
    Contact your transponder issuer prior to driving on the I-15 Express Lanes for details on how to use your personal transponder in your rental vehicle. We will not charge you a fee for using your personal transponder.

How do I use the transponder in my rental vehicle?
The transponder should be set to the “ON” position at the time of rental. Place the transponder in your rental vehicle’s windshield below the rear view mirror, so the device is visible from the outside of the vehicle. Leave the transponder in the “ON” position when traveling in the I-15 Express Lane unless there are two or more people in the vehicle. If there are two or more people in the vehicle, turn the transponder to the “OFF” position to indicate you are carpooling.

Can I utilize the Express Lane without using a transponder?
Yes, but only if you are carpooling. Tolls are not charged and a transponder is not required for carpoolers. The Express Lane defines a carpool as a vehicle containing two or more people. You must use an Express Lane transponder when driving in the I-15 Express Lane any time you are the sole occupant of the vehicle.

I don’t wish to rent a transponder. What are my options for travel on the I-15?

  • Avoid the Express Lane
    The non-Express lanes on I-15 are not tolled and do not require a transponder or any payment to use. If you do not rent a transponder or use your own and you drive in the I-15 Express Lane you will be billed for any unpaid tolls plus any citations or fees imposed along with an administrative fee, all as described in your Rental Agreement.
  • Carpool
    Vehicles containing two or more occupants are exempt from I-15 Express Lane tolls.
  • Use your Personal Express Lane Transponder. Contact your transponder issuer for details on how to use your personal transponder in your rental vehicle. We will not charge you a fee for using your personal Express Lane transponder.

How are tolls billed to me?
Tolls and administrator charges incurred during your rental period will be charged to the debit or credit card on file with your Rental Agreement once the toll data is received from the toll Authority, within approximately 4-6 weeks. Renters who don’t have a credit or debit card on file will receive a paper invoice for all toll-related charges. Tolls incurred are billed at the higher of the applicable toll authority’s video toll rate, cash toll rate or highest undiscounted toll rate.

How can I obtain my charges for these services?
Go to or call (877) 765-5201. You may also sign up to receive automatic receipts by visiting, clicking Receipts, selecting your rental car agency and entering the email address and partial credit card number used to pay for your rental.

What is the coverage area?
Our TollPass™ service applies to the Express Lane in Utah but the coverage area is subject to change. For questions about specific roads please call (877) 765-5201 or visit

Additional Payment and Conditions
The optional TollPass Service accepted by Renter provides for the daily rental of a toll collection transponder or, in some states, the use of video- monitored toll collection services. In addition to the daily charge for the TollPass Service, Owner, its affiliate or a third party may separately charge Renter’s credit or debit card (or bill Renter, as applicable, for cash rentals) for each toll (or other charge) incurred using the transponder or video monitored service during the Rental Period within the TollPass service area at the higher of the applicable toll authority’s cash toll rate or highest undiscounted toll rate. Renter expressly authorizes Owner or its affiliate to transfer to a third party Renter’s name, address, credit/ debit card information, and other data necessary to enable the collection of all such amounts. No credit is provided for days the transponder is not utilized. TollPass Service has a limited service area; attempting to use the service outside the service area may subject the Renter and/or any
AAD(s) to fines and penalties see Rental Agreement Paragraph 3.(c.)(3.). A current listing of TollPass Service Area covered roads is available upon request, at or (877) 765-5201.

Terms and conditions apply. Refer to your Rental Contract for details. For information on toll charges contact the Highway Toll Administration at (877) 765-5201 or go to