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Dealership Solutions & Technology

Advanced dealership mobility solutions and technology from Enterprise help your business focus on reducing customer wait times, controlling costs, maintaining vehicle inventory and more.


 Customer satisfaction decreases 21% when a customer waits more than 30 minutes before transportation is scheduled 1  

Schedule reservations in advance with ARMS®  Dealership!



Schedule transportation in advance - direct from your DMS*

Automated Rental Management System (ARMS®)  Dealership

  • Electronic reservations sent directly to your local Enterprise - no phone calls required!
  • Authorizations and extensions can be easily controlled and managed by your service team
  • Flexible scheduling- use ARMS®  for warranty, internal and customer pay rentals
  • Digital invoices available as soon as the rental agreement is closed
  • Custom reporting to help manage your transportation costs
*Rental screens available for CDK and R&R users.


*Rental screens available for CDK and R&R users.

No more rental counters!

Enterprise LaunchPad

Enterprises exclusive LaunchPad technology allows your customer to recieve a rental without leaving your lot!

  • Enhanced CSI with on-site service 
  • Reduced transaction times with technology that scans and recalls customer information
  • Improved Billing Accuracy with more percise return times
  • Protects customer data with paperless statements

Cost Management

Your current transportation solutions could be costing you more than you think

Fuel & maintenance, liability exposure, dedicated staff, lot space - these are just some of the costs of managing a loaner fleet. Hidden or poorly managed transportation expenses can cost your business time and money.

Campaign and Overflow Solutions

Elimnate the need to fleet up or down as a result of manufacturer-required saftey repairs.

 As your replacement transportation provider our virtual fleet allows you to:

  • Protect your business from a grounded loaner fleet
  • Handle a large influx of customers
  • Provide a variety of vehicle types
  • Efficiently manage billing and costs associated with increased demand with ARMS® Dealership

"A recent campaign left our customers in an unfortunate situation. We worked with Enterprise to provide our customers seamless service and the vehicle they needed in an immediate time frame. The transportation volume Enterprise was ale to provide throughout, and then quickly absorb back into their fleet, left our business virtually uninterrupted."


Chris T., Service Manager. Nalley Honda


Need support for your Collision Center?

 We've got technology solutions for that too! 

Over 16,000 shops trust ARMS® Automotive to help their shop: 

  • Streamline communication with insurers and customers
  • Enhance customer service with electronic reservations and automated vehicle status updates
  • Manage shop KPIs against the market with online reporting functions
  • Increase efficiencies with management system integration

Looking for a great selection of used car inventory?

Count on Enterprise Remarketing

Enterprise Remarketing carries a large variety of late-model, low-mileagevehicles to help you stock the inventory your customers are looking for. From trucks & SUVs to sedans & cargo vans, we’ve got the vehicles you need when and where you need them!

1 2018 Enterprise renter survey