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Repairs can leave you without a car longer than expected. A rental car gives you the flexibility to go anywhere you need to at any time, without having to coordinate schedules with family or friends. Enterprise has helped millions of customers after an accident and we work with nearly every insurance company.

Filing an Insurance Claim?

We offer direct billing for eligible claims. Ask your adjuster to set you up with an Enterprise reservation.

  • Your Policy: If your policy includes rental coverage (also known as loss of use), rental costs can be covered.
  • Other Driver's Policy: If you were not at fault in the accident, discuss your rental needs with the adjuster. They can advise if the claim covers a rental. 

Sometimes you need a rental right away, before details can be worked out. Reserve your rental now and when you come in to pick up, we can review your options. With over 500 locations in Canada and our customer-focused approach, you can feel confident we will take care of you during this experience. 


No coverage? No problem. Take advantage of our low rates, regardless of who is paying. No payment is required at the time of reservation. 

Rental Coverage

Rental coverage pays for a rental car while your vehicle is repaired after an accident.

Insurance Pay

Enterprise works closely with insurance companies and collision repair shops to minimize a stressful situation, from discussing billing to gaining rental extensions throughout the life of your repair.

Rental Checklist

When you pick up your rental, don’t forget the essentials:

Driver's License

Insurance Card

Garage Door Opener

Parking Pass