Italy Car Rental

Italy Car Rental Guide

With so many things to do and see in Italy, renting a car will allow you to visit world-renowned attractions like the iconic Colosseum and beautiful Ponte Vecchio at your own pace. Before heading out, here are some thing to consider when renting a car in Italy.


Requirements for renting a car in Italy:

- A valid driver's license that has been held for at least one year and is readable in English or Latin characters. 

- A credit card in the driver's name. Some car classes such as premium, luxury, or minivans, may require the renter to present a second credit card. 



Should I rent a car in Italy?

Italy lends itself well to renting a car. There are wonderful points of interest that are located throughout the country. A rental car will give you the freedom to see everything without having to rely on public transit, which can be limiting in terms of times and stops. Renting a car is especially helpful if you're visiting a widespread, rural area like Tuscany, since public transit typically does not stop in these areas.



What kind of car should I rent in Italy?

The kind of car you choose depends on the number of people in your group and the amount of luggage you have. If you plan on doing mostly city driving, a smaller compact car can be easier to navigate the narrow streets. If you will mainly be exploring the open countryside, an SUV can provide the most comfort.



What is the legal age to rent a car in Italy?

The minimum age to rent a car in Italy is 19 years old. Please see age policy details below. 


Age 19 - 20

- Cars available for rent include Mini and Economy car classes.

- A young drivers fee of 26.84 EUR will apply. Prices are subject to change. 


Age 21 - 24

- Cars available for rent include Compact and Intermediate cars.

- A young drivers fee of 26.84 EUR will apply to drivers age 21. Prices are subject to change. 

- A young drivers fee of 13.42 EUR will apply to drivers age 22 - 24. Prices are subject to change. 


Age 25 and 26

- Able to rent Full Size Vans and Standard car groups.

- No young drivers fee.


Age 27 and older

- Able to rent Luxury cars. 

- No young drivers fee. 




How much does it cost to rent a car in Italy?

To get the most accurate price for your rental car, start a reservation by inputting the dates, times, and location. There are several factors to consider:


- Type of car

- Seasonality

- Additional insurance and protection products included in reservation

- Other add-ons such as Wi-fi access, GPS, child seats, and ski racks

- Whether the car is picked up and dropped off at the same location or domestic one-way

- Number of additional drivers





Additional tips for driving in Italy:

Before you hit the road, check out our helpful info below to make driving easier during your Italy trip. 


- You cannot make a right turn on a red light, even if you have stopped and traffic is clear.

- In certain cities, street names are engraved on the sides of buildings rather than on road signs.  

- When parking in a lot or on the street, most areas require you to pay for a ticket from a parking meter. Place it in a visible spot on your dashboard to avoid parking tickets. 

- Be sure to ask a branch employee what type of fuel your vehicle requires. Diesel fuel is more common in Italy than it is in the US.