Car Rental in Geneva

Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Geneva

Car rental in Geneva is easy, thanks to the professional team at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise has two branch locations in the city to choose from. One of the branches is at Geneva International Airport and the other is located in the downtown area of Geneva. This French-speaking part of Switzerland offers plenty to do as well as some stunning scenery on the shores of Lake Geneva, known locally as Lac du Limon. Renting a car in Geneva is a great way to get around the city as well as the wider area. Close to the border of France, it is easy to drive in and out of the city and explore both the Swiss and French countrysides. Geneva is the home of many international institutions, and it has a lively cultural scene that hosts plenty of live music and festivals.


Our Vehicles for Rent in Geneva

Car rental in Geneva covers all of the vehicle options you could wish for, from compact cars to large SUVs. The friendly Enterprise team in Geneva can also provide you with a choice of 4x4s if you need. These are especially useful if you plan on heading off the main roads, particularly during the Alpine winter months. Standard, luxury, and premium cars are also available for rent. 


At the Airport

There is an Enterprise facility conveniently located at the Geneva Airport. The airport allows drivers to depart in either direction depending on their onward travel plans, as the air hub sits right on the border between the two countries.


Attractions in Geneva

The dramatic fountain that shoots up from Lake Geneva is a sight not to be missed. Known as the Jet d'Eau, you can see it by driving to virtually any lakeside location in the city. The Palace of Nations is also a short drive from the lake. This is a key United Nations building, and it has wonderful gardens that are well worth exploring. The city's museums, which are dedicated to Jean-Jaques Rousseau and Patek Phillipe, are both excellent attractions that offer insights into the cities luminaries; one in political thinking, and the other in watch-making. Later, head to the area around Quai du Mont-Blanc for a taste of some great Swiss restaurants.


Affordable Car Rental in Geneva

One of the best things about Enterprise's approach to car rental in Geneva is the high level of customer service they offer. We also focus on providing great value for your money. Visitors to Geneva will often find that the best prices are offered on weekend car rentals, when business travelers tend to place a lower demand. Book online for a competitive quotation before you travel, and reserve your car in advance to secure the best possible rental price.


Places to Visit Outside Geneva

Driving into Switzerland from Geneva, it is not long before you'll see some beautiful mountain views. Take the E62 as far as Nyon, and then turn left along the road to Saint-Cergue. A series of switchbacks on the stunning mountain road will take you up to a resort village that's full of Swiss charm and character. The drive there takes under an hour. Just over an hour away is Évian-les-Bains, a French spa town that overlooks Lake Geneva and is justly famous for its mineral waters. Lausanne, on the other side of the lake, is also a recommended visit and takes about the same amount of time to get there by road.


Parking and Traffic Information in Geneva

If possible, avoid rush hour times because lots of people commute to the city every morning, from both France and Switzerland. Parking is available all over Geneva, which you'll find much of in designated long-stay parking lots. If you opt for on-street parking, bear in mind that there are colored zones. In a white zone, you must pay for a limited amount of parking time. In a blue zone, you can park for free, but with a time limitation that varies according to the nearest signage. You'll need to obtain a blue zone disc from a local shop to be able to park in designated blue zones.