The Enterprise Difference

Local presence. Best-in-class technology. Exceptional choice. Entrepreneurial spirit.

They all combine to deliver a powerful impact when you partner with Enterprise to offer customers an outstanding rental experience after a claim. We’re experts in the replacement rental business—and we’re right in your neighborhood with more than 6400 locations. 

Each of our branches operates independently, with a local team empowered to make the right decision on behalf of your customers.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, often the best surprise is ‘no surprise’. That’s precisely why it makes sense to focus on Rental Reimbursement Coverage when working to build—or strengthen—relationships with your policyholders. Enterprise is committed to supporting you, the trusted advisor, in your rental reimbursement efforts. That is why we created this resource page, to share survey results and tools to help you stay competitive.

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Small to Mid-Size Sedan

✔ Fuel efficiency

✔ Cost conscious

✔ Transportation

Large to Premium Sedan

✔ Car seat options

✔ Comfort for long commutes

✔ Comfort for driving clients around

Minivan, Medium SUV, Luxury Sedan, Pick-Up

✔ Carpools

✔ Winter Conditions (4-wheel drive)

✔ Business Needs

Large SUV, Specialty SUV, Commercial Truck

✔ Any car on lot

✔ Specialty vehicles

✔ Commercial trucks

Rental Coverage

Nearly half of Americans drive to three or more places per day*. When they have an accident, they’ll need a way to maintain their routine. Even with a variety of transportation options, renting a car is still the most cost-effective and convenient option. Watch our video to learn more and ask your local Enterprise manager how we can partner to share this message.

*Atomik Research 2017
Video Sources: The Romans Group, LLC., Enterprise Survey 2017, J.D. Power and Associates® 2012 Auto Claims Satisfaction StudySM