Compare Auto Rental Coverage Levels

Rental coverage options vary by insurance company and policy. Most policies cover a daily amount up to a limited number of days or dollars. If the daily amount is flat (eg $40), any vehicle you select under that should include the rate and tax of the rental car if you want to avoid paying part of the rental. For example a $40/1200 policy would cover rate and tax on a rental up to $40 a day for up to $1200. Enterprise has special rates for insurance partners which vary by market.

On average, you can expect to be in a rental for almost 2 weeks after an accident.1 A third of Americans drive 3-4 places a day. Consider where you could be driving during any two week period. What is important to you? Comfort, 7 seats, 4 wheel drive? Each policy has slightly different coverage options and your agent can recommend the best level based on your needs. 

Discuss Your Vehicle Needs With Your Agent to Find the Right Level of Coverage.

Small to Mid-Size Sedan

✔ Fuel efficiency

✔ Cost conscious

✔ Transportation

Large to Premium Sedan

✔ Car seat options

✔ Comfort for long commutes

✔ Comfort for driving clients around

Minivan, Medium SUV, Luxury Sedan, Pick-Up

✔ Carpools

✔ Winter Conditions (4-wheel drive)

✔ Business Needs

Large SUV, Specialty SUV, Commercial Truck

✔ Any car on lot

✔ Specialty vehicles

✔ Commercial trucks

1. Atomik research