Offering a Business Travel Program for Employees

Employee benefits are a vital part of any business. And while a benefits package is essential, the types of benefits employees are seeking continues to change as new generations of employees join the workforce. Learn how unique employee benefits, like a business travel program, help attract and retain top talent.

According to Dana LaBarge, Senior Vice President of Global Benefits at Enterprise Holdings, Inc., candidate interests are changing. Many have an increased interest in things like health and wellness; a sentiment echoed across the nation, as employees report health coverage is a critical work perk.

One benefit growing in popularity is assistance with travel and transportation; a benefit that companies can use to attract and retain top talent. There are two types of travel benefits: one that helps individuals get to work; the second helps make it easier for employees to travel for business

Commute Options for Employees

Commuting can come with significant stress. Programs like Commute with Enterprise can help employees have a better commute. By sharing rides, employees can arrive to work relaxed and recharged, helping to fuel a better company culture for everyone.

Employee transportation programs can have other company-wide benefits, including but not limited to:

Implementing a Business Travel Program

Business travel programs, like Business Rental program from the Combined Power of Enterprise and National, provide benefits for travel managers, travelers and companies. They’re designed to help employees get where they need to go in a way that can help maximize value, drive efficiency for companies and provide employees with a frictionless experience.

On top of the assurance of getting your travelers where they need to be, travel programs provide other company benefits, including

  • Identifying cost-saving opportunities
  • Reducing employee time spent booking travel and managing itineraries
  • Providing duty of care for employees, keeping them covered and cared for
  • Providing strategic recommendations to help achieve business objectives

The Combined Power of Enterprise and National 

Having an extensive network of neighborhood and airport car rental locations, alongside unparalleled customer service means convenience for travelers, no matter their destinations. But that’s just the start of what Enterprise and National can do for businesses. These programs offer mobility solutions that keep companies moving forward, including:

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