Business Rental Resource Center

As a trusted partner in business travel, we are committed to providing travelers with the exceptional service, choice, and value they expect. As part of that promise, we've assembled a variety of resources, including valuable articles, webinars, and white papers for Travel Managers. We invite you to reference these tools as you develop, rethink, and possibly revise your company's travel policies and programs. 
To start, we've included categories covering: Corporate Travel Management, Policy and Compliance, and Duty of Care. Visit the page regularly, as we plan to add new content often. 
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Corporate Travel Management

Blurring Traditional Definitions

Learn how remote work trends are shaping the comeback of business travel.

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Keeping a Seat at the Table Whitepaper

Learn about the key strategic functions travel managers need to emphasize to maintain the influence they earned during the pandemic.

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The Value of Business Travel

Learn how organizations are evaluating business travel post-pandemic and how policies and priorities are being reshaped. Watch the webinar here.

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How to Select a Car Rental Company

Choosing a rental car company doesn't have to be difficult. At Enterprise and National, we can develop a rental program that meets your company’s needs. 

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Business Travel as an Employee Benefit

The types of benefits employees are seeking are changing. Learn how adding travel and transportation-focused benefits can help busineses retain top talent. 

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When to Rent a Car for a Business Trip

When does it make sense to rent a car for a business trip? We have a list of things to consider when you’re planning your next business trip.

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Business Travel Programs After COVID-19

When business travel returns, industries will have to rethink corporate travel plans and reshape their strategies to meet new business demands.

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The Future of Mobility Management

Learn about the emerging area of mobility and how corporations and suppliers are adapting their transportation strategies. Watch the webinar here.

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Three Ways to Reduce Business Travel Costs

With the Combined Power of Enterprise and National , we can design a custom and comprehensive rental program for your business without breaking the bank.  

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Policy and Compliance

Whitepaper: Greening of Managed Hotel and Ground Programs Begins

Learn how some corporations are exploring how sustainability can be built into their managed travel programs for hotel and ground transportation.

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Whitepaper: Driving Agility in Managed Travel Programs

Learn how forward-thinking managers are adapting their travel programs, policies and processes to better anticipate and meet evolving demands.

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Future of One Day Business Trips Webcast

Is the one-day business trip still a viable option for corporations and corporate travelers? Or are corporations encouraging travelers to combine trips, potentially to reduce costs and/or carbon output?

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Travel Policy Priorities After COVID-19

The shifting business travel landscape has prompted a re-examination of policies to ensure both compliance and Duty of Care.

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Duty of Care

Tips To Get Back to Business Travel Safely

Leading global health authorities have provided guidelines to help protect your employees as business travel resumes. 

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Meeting Business Traveler Expectations

Learn about the differences between traveler and travel manager priorities and expectations. Watch the webinar here

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