How Do I Rent a Car?


To rent a car from Enterprise, do the following:

  • Visit our reservation page
  • Type in the location you want to pick up/return your vehicle
  • Enter your departure date and return date. Then select “Check Availability.”
  • Next, choose the type of vehicle you want for your trip.
  • Add any additional items to your rental, like Sirius XM radio or a child car seat.
  • Review your reservation, add in your contact information and confirm your reservation by clicking “Confirm Booking.”

You can also search our Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations on our Location page. As part of the world’s largest car rental provider, which owns and operates more than 1.7 million vehicles, we’re sure to have a location near you or your travel destination. And while we are an internationally recognized brand, Enterprise remains family-owned with one goal in mind for our customers: to exceed your expectations for service and overall value.



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